Foot Traffic in Hollywood Courtyards

As a photographer, sometimes you find yourself looking at things differently than those around you.  And as a Hollywood red carpet photographer, you’re often in the same place time after time after time, but most of the time, too busy to just observe.

Such is the case with the world-famous courtyard at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre with its collection of celebrity hand and footprints.  It’s always a crowded place, full of tourists from all over the world, at all times of the day and night.  And when we’re there for premieres, a big part of the courtyard is covered in red carpet and photographer areas, so you don’t even really see the prints.

Foot Traffic at the Chinese Theatre
Chinese Theatre

One day, a friend was in from out of town on her first trip to Hollywood.  She wanted to see the sights.  As I lived only two blocks away from Hollywood Boulevard, it was a natural thing to simply take her on a walk … camera in hand of course!  After spending a few minutes in the courtyard at the Chinese, I saw the set up.

A few minutes later, security came by after noticing what I was doing.  I think they decided it was something weird.  Really?  I don’t have a foot fetish!  We decided to move and go shopping at Hollywood & Highland.  So a little later, there we are, taking a break, sitting in the courtyard, with people running through the fountains.  So … Why Not?!

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Production Notes: This shoot was a few years ago.  The camera was a Nikon D2X with my Nikkor 80×400 mm zoom lens.  ISO was set to 100 and white balance was set to daylight.

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