Hands Across The Chinese

There is something, I don’t know … magnetic … about the hand prints in the world-famous courtyard at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.  More so than the footprints, the hand prints seem to beckon to people to try them on for size, even when there is a clear mismatch!

Hands Across the Chinese
Chinese Theatre

The attraction seems to be universal to young and old, male and female.  Everyone wants to try one on!

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To go with yesterday’s post about Foot Traffic in Hollywood Courtyards, this gallery was shot at the same time, under the same scrutiny from security!

Production Notes: Shot a few years ago with a Nikon D2X and Nikkor 80x400mm zoom lens.  This lens is so great for candid shots.  Because of the range, it doesn’t always focus very fast.  But when you have time to use it, it’s spot on!  With this lens, you may shoot from a distance and not disturb people, or wildlife if you’re out in nature somewhere.

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