A Post Awards Season Offer of Sanctuary

Ahhhh … just … ahhhh! Happy Saturday! 😉

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An offer of sanctuary at a friend’s house in the mountains north of San Francisco after the madness of awards season passes next spring, has reminded me of my home/property back in Colorado a few years ago. Two and a half acres on the west side of Pikes Peak, the tall one you see in the photos below, 35 miles west of Colorado Springs.

A mountain home in the Colorado Rockies. A mountain home in the Colorado Rockies.

The reminisce began innocently enough, with a social media conversation about the weather. Eventually, I made the observation below, which is something I have said more than once over the years!

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Was giving thought to the weatherman error rate, at least, in parts of the country that -have- weather.

When I lived in Colorado, for example. Forget that each mountain peak really can make its own weather. But consider the western slope, before systems hit the Continental Divide, or the…

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