About Lee Roth

Lee Roth - Producer / Photographer / WriterAn interactive copywriter and digital content producer, Lee Roth has been involved with online entertainment, social media, web portal development and web design since the mid-1990’s.  While having always been an avid photographer, he turned pro in 1997 in support of the many entertainment web sites he was managing at the time.  After the Internet Bubble burst, Lee turned his focus to the red carpet in Hollywood and he became an internationally published celebrity photographer.

Lee is owner of Roth Stock Digital Media, a content creator with its origins in the early days of the World Wide Web and a focus on the photographic arts. Our expertise is delivering photographic images for print publication, via the Web, mobile applications, broadcast and cable television, and in motion pictures.  You may learn more about our offerings on the Photography Services page in this site.

Lee has started this blog to share many of his behind-the-scenes experiences while working on the red carpet in Hollywood, stories he refers to as Life Behind The Velvet Ropes.

His passion for photography led to a desire to have a creative outlet from the red carpet, and so began his Glamour Quest. Here Lee will share stories about the photo shoots, models and crew experiences.

Professional Associations

National Press Photographers Association - NPPA
National Press Photographers Association
Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ)
Society of Environmental Journalists

Hit the comments below and let me know what you want to see more of! — Lee

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